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15 Types of God’s Grace – Designed (sermon notes from Mark Driscoll)

April 30, 2011

Want to learn about grace? Here are some sermon notes in design (mostly just direct Bible verses) taken from Mark Driscoll’s sermon – Grace – from the series “Religion Saves (and nine other misconceptions)” over at

I’ve provided two copies:

  1. The first is a simplified version of the sermon notes – with only Bible verse references and subject headings (like “Electing Grace”). It is intended to be a spring board into self-study of the subject (i.e. look up the verses on your own and see how they relate to the headings provided).
  2. The second is the full version of the sermon notes – with some of the most interesting tidbits pastor Driscoll provided about grace (on the paper scraps on the dartboard), and the full text of the Bible verses he used. This one is good to see it all at once (though there is quite a bit to see).
Print them out, set them as desktop wallpapers, whatever. The ideas aren’t my own, but come directly from pastor Driscoll’s sermon. Be sure to watch the whole thing to get a full understanding of the grace he preaches. And check out Mars Hill Church for more great sermons and downloads.


Full Version:


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